Sunday, September 11, 2011

How to sustain your energy levels throughout the day...

An average day for most of us is pretty hectic, bustling here and there and everywhere, including getting to and from work.  We often wake up with an alarm before our body is ready and drag it around all morning.  We then push it midday onwards and flop aimlessly when we get home.  We spurt back and forth from pushing and flopping and rarely have a balanced settled day unless it is a day off (and then we usually push ourselves to have as much fun as possible in this window of freedom, only to return to work flopping even further). Ok, you know what I mean. 

So the question is... how do we support our bodies through these highs and lows? And perhaps an even bigger question is... are our highs and lows created by our diet rather than our schedule?

Blood sugar changes throughout the day and the type of food we eat as well as the times and conditions in which we eat it make a massive impact on the way our body uses the energy in our food. 

My five top tips to keep your blood sugar stable...

1. Choose complex carbs which are slowly released into the system rather than simple refined carbs which will give you a sudden high followed by a sudden low, leading to food cravings and sugar rushes (

2. Eat good fat foods such as nuts which are loaded with protein.  They are high in energy and release slowly (

3. Moderate your meals, having snacks throughout the day and never leave too long without eating.  Try to get a good breakfast with slow release carbohydrates that will keep you going all morning.  Snack on bananas and nuts if you feel an energy slump mid morning (

4. Raw Food is a great way to take away cravings for empty foods like bread and cake.  Try to snack on raw fruit and vegetables as often as possible to cut those useless cravings (

5. Drink plenty of water.  Staying well hydrated is so important to keep your brain sharp and your energy levels up, keep a bottle with you at all times (

So, do you think it is your schedule or your diet making your life rollercoaster each day?  Work out which one it is and try and address it to create a little more balance in your life.  After all, we only get one body in this lifetime and it would be a shame to wear it out too soon if we can avoid it.

Good Luck


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